Our New Home Away From Home

Back in March, we moved our camper onto a seasonal site in Confluence, PA. We spent one night there in early April to get a few things set up. Hubby used it during early trout season, but I hadn’t been back until this weekend.

Confluence is a small town nestled in the Laurel Highlands the Casselman River and Laurel Hill Creek merge with the Youghiogheny River. There is no cell service, although several people told me you can pick up a signal while standing on the dam. I had no such luck. Can you hear me now? NO.

There are no wi-fi hot spots either, although the Turkeyfoot Lending Library offers high speed Internet on their computers.

Can you say “quaint?” I love it! This is the perfect escape for a world-weary former conference coordinator.

We took Skye the Camping Kitty who spent most of her vacation sleeping or watching the kids on the playground across the lane from our camp spot.

Hubby did a lot of fishing, which left me alone with my manuscript. I confess, I never even broke out the laptop, but I did read what I’ve written so far. I made notes of research questions to ask. And I noted things that need changed or clarified within the manuscript. I’m ready to get back to work!

The trip wasn’t all-work-and-no-play, though. We spent plenty of time on our bikes, traveling portions of the area bike trails we hadn’t previously explored. The scenery is spectacular.

Hubby spotted this along the trail.

Any botanists out there? What is it?

And this is our new little town as viewed from one of the bridges over the Casselman.

I think I like it. I know I’m eager to escape technology and go back there again soon.


Kathleen said…
Skye has become a might fine camper! You picked a beautiful place to camp.

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