Diary of a Conference Coordinator: Shopping Therapy

Wednesday started out quiet. No new registrations or problems of any kind in my inbox. I responded to a couple of questions and spent the rest of the morning decompressing. I was supposed to teach a private yoga class at noon, but even that got cancelled.

I did, however, need to pick up the conference programs at the printer. While I was there, I decided a little therapy was in order.

Shopping therapy.

After an early lunch, I headed to town with a short list of errands. First stop: the post office. Second stop: the bank. Third stop: Staples where I collected my print order and bought a box of paper. On sale!

Next stop: J.C. Penney’s. I’ve been threatening to buy some new clothes for the weekend, but didn’t think I’d have the time. Since everything appeared to be under control, this was the perfect opportunity. Besides, everything I wanted was half off!

My cell phone rang when I was in the dressing room. Katie at the Marriott needed to go over some paperwork with me. Nothing like being half naked and being summoned back to the office. So much for my shopping extravaganza. But I did buy a pair of black slacks and a really cute skirt. Unfortunately, the jacket I fell head-over-heels in love with was just a smidge too tight. I almost bought it anyway, but common sense prevailed.

After dropping my house keys off with my friend Sara (who is going to return my critter sitter favors by keeping an eye on Skye and my mom this weekend), I headed home.

The email situation was still good. No disasters cropped up during my brief escape. But I had plenty of work waiting for me. Katie’s paperwork amounted to forty-some pages of the banquet event order, which I had to go over and sign. Every. Single. Page. Plus I had to create an add-on to the program with the latest changes and notice of which workshops were in which meeting rooms. My Brother Laser Jet printer hummed, spitting 200 copies.

I still had to pack. And I realized I’d forgotten to eat supper again! After putting on a pot of water to cook pasta, I got back to work.

Little by little, I moved stacks of boxes into my car. The trunk is packed. The backseat is loaded down. Looking at what’s left, I’m optimistic that one more trip will be enough. It’s amazing how much stuff I can cram into my beloved little Saturn.

Now, as morning dawns, I’m off to get the Thursday Intensive rolling.

And so it begins…


Anonymous said…
G'morning! Safe travels. Have fun. See you tomorrow some time!

Paula Matter
Donnell said…
I can't wait to hear all about it. Wish I was there with you two ;)

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