Adventures in Home Improvement

We usually only tackle one DIY home improvement project per year. I’m learning why. We need time to forget the aggravation of the previous one.

With the memory of this summer’s bathroom remodel still all-to-fresh in our minds, Hubby and I have begun ripping up our 25-year old carpet in anticipation of putting down new laminate wood flooring. Technically, this project started on Tuesday, but so far, not a plank has been installed.

Day one consisted of packing. I have moved a sum total of ONCE in my life. That was when we married. I moved all of two doors away from the home I’d grown up in. Since then, we have accumulated “stuff.” Lots and lots of stuff.

I recall hearing that people should move every few years just so they can throw out all the junk. Good advice, I’ve decided.

I boxed all the books on my to-be-read shelves Monday night and created a huge pile that I now wonder why I bought. I’ll never read them. Those will go to the used book store. Everything else was packed in a rush Tuesday morning, so there was no sorting. But I’ve already decided not all of that crap is going back on my shelves.

I’m even wondering if we need all the furniture we have. With the entire contents of the living room shoved to one side, I see an opportunity for a major “do over.” Does everything need to go back in the same old tried-and-true spot? Is that chair in the corner serving any purpose other than collecting clutter? (Answer: NO) Would we gain more space by putting the sofa against a different wall?

And that’s just the living room. We’re flooring the entire house. My office included, although we’re putting it off until last. Smallest room (except for the bathroom), biggest mess, most electronics.

The opportunities are endless. I’m re-evaluating and reassessing my life’s collection of books and babbles.

Maybe I should dig out that book on feng shui I didn’t know I had until I was clearing off on of the shelves. Except I don’t know which box I put it in.

Here are some shots of the living room carpet and the furniture and boxes shoved to one side of the room:

And here, the carpeting has been cut away to expose the fiberboard flooring underneath.

To be continued...


Sara said…
"Maybe I should dig out that book on feng shui I didn’t know I had until I was clearing off on of the shelves."
LMAO. That about says it all right there. And I am guilty of the exact some thing. I bought the damn feng shui book bc it was on sale and had pretty pictures.
It's a very dusty book, if you know what I mean.
Pretty exciting though! Maybe more so from my vantage point. Since I'm doing none of the packing, work, or cleaning.
So many possibilities indeed!
My mom was always one for rearranging the furniture about once a year to spruce up.
Try not to kill each other. lol! kidding! (mostly.)
Jamie Saloff said…
The interesting thing about home remodeling is the mirrored reflection it has on your inner heart and mind. It sounds like you're making room for new things in there! Awesome!

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