The Narrative of My Life

I’ve noticed the world seems to be divided into two camps. The one that I live in which involves blogging and visiting (AKA wasting time) on Facebook and the one inhabited by residents who snarl “It’s nobody’s business what I’m doing.”

What makes it difficult is when opposing camps live under the same roof. Welcome to my world.

I know I’m not alone. For instance, everyone knows who Dolly Parton is. Have you ever seen her husband? FYI, no, I’m not comparing myself to Dolly Parton. That’s laughable for so many reasons.

But I do tend to be a social butterfly. At least online. Other members of my household don’t get it. They also don’t want to be mentioned in my blog posts or on my Facebook page. Which is really too bad. The stories I could tell…

But I won’t.

I had a revelation this morning about my enjoyment of Facebook and posting status updates when absolutely nothing remotely interesting is going on. This is the narrative of my life. I’ve had a running narrative going on in my head since I started writing as a kid. It’s not like hearing voices (although many writers, myself included, will admit that our characters make a lot of noise in there). Instead, it’s just a running description of what I see or do or encounter. It’s what I would write if I were the protagonist in the story, telling the tale through my POV. That’s Point of View for those non-writers reading this. The color of the trees, the sound of the cars on the street, the feel of the breeze on my skin.

A lot of it is fodder for my book. The rest of it goes into Facebook as a status update. It may not be anyone’s business and it may be pretty mundane. But much of what rolls around in my head tumbles out onto the page somewhere or other. It’s what I do. It’s who I am.

Deal with it!


Lisa said…
Nice narrative.

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