The Bachlorette

Skye and I have the house to ourselves for a few days. Hubby has taken his annual pilgrimage into the mountains to camp and get grungy with his buddies. I have no problem with this. I get to stay home. No cooking. Lean Cuisine rocks. So does my favorite pizza place, which I will visit before the weekend is over. Count on it.

So how am I spending my bachelorette time? Writing, of course. I am so close to the end of my first draft, I can smell it. I hit 292 pages today. Not a milestone. But I should pass the 300 mark next week. THAT will be a milestone.

As for Project: Nikon Purchase? I’ve been doing more online research and reading reviews. So far, I’m convinced the D-90 will one day soon be coming home with me. I’ve got the itch. I want it NOW. I can make a really good argument for why I should run out and buy one sooner rather than later (it would save me the cost of film and processing for my next photo journalism assignment coming up next month PLUS I need time to learn to use it before then). However, I can make an equally good argument for waiting a bit.

For instance: Hubby would kill me if he came home from his camping trip to find empty new camera boxes scattered about the house.


Sara said…
But doesn't it just make your brain itch while you're waiting for something like that?

(I'm reading your posts in order, so I can enjoy the suspense. Even though I know the ending.)

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