The Floor Project Continues

Progress. Back aches. Sore muscles. New floor. Such is my life.

When I last checked in, we had some of the carpeting removed. Here is a little photo essay of what has transpired since then:

The first row of flooring.

We had to do it twice. This is SOP for any Dashofy home project. At least the problem was discovered after only one row.

After two days of work, we had made noticeable progress. I could tell I liked the wood choice. It’s hard to picture from a four-inch-square sample. Or even when it’s in the box. But with this much done, I knew it was good.

Skye thinks there’s too much commotion going on in her house. She was fine with the way things were before. Now with all the furniture shoved first one way and then another, she’s feeling a little lost and confused.

By Sunday night, the living room was done. The furniture is still all askew. My “stuff” is still in boxes. I plan to spend this week getting things sorted out.

We still have the bathroom, bedroom, and my office floors to do yet. But we’re taking a week off to let the strained muscles heal.

To be continued…


Sara said…
Now you made *me* laugh at your SOP! :)

Annette said…
It's sad, but true. We can't DO anything without having to UNdo part of it and trying again.

And thanks, Sara. It does look pretty, doesn't it?

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