Common Sense vs. Spendthrift

I was just about ready to post a Bouchercon Bound piece in which I would have told about how excited I was to be heading to Indianapolis next month for the biggest mystery writers party of the year.

And then, reality stepped up and slapped my on the back of the head. My traveling companion (who shall remain nameless, but whom I do NOT hate, even though she currently THINKS I do) had to back out. I debated for all of thirty seconds about trying to find someone else to go with me, but that little common sense character who sits on my one shoulder and whispers in my ear got the upper hand over the spendthrift who whines in my other ear.

“Let’s face facts,” said Common Sense. “You don’t have a book to promote YET. Your writing income is laughable at this point. Stay home and save your money.”

Spendthrift, on the other shoulder, pouted. She wanted to stay in a fancy hotel and eat restaurant food and hang out in the bar with all her writing friends.

I appeased Spendthrift by telling maybe we could consider buying that digital camera with the money we don’t spend on a wild week in Indianapolis. Spendthrift conceded.

So I’m spending my day cancelling hotel reservations and trying to get back some of the money I already spent on the trip.

Anyone out there want to purchase a ticket to a daylong, Sisters in Crime writer’s workshop?


Sara said…
Oh, Boo! See what I've missed!

But the camera is a very nice consolation prize.

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