Christmas in September

Or “How I Spent My Weekend”

Saturday, I was up at 5AM, which should be illegal on a weekend, by the way. The reason? I had to be in Bridgewater by 7:30 to set up for the 2nd annual Bridgewater Bookfest.

Bridgewater is a small river town in Beaver County, about an hour from here. I needed an hour and a half to get myself awake and caffeinated and on the road because I tend to zone out at that hour. I catch myself standing in the middle of a room just staring blankly into space. I’ll lose anywhere from five to fifteen minutes that way.

Somehow, I managed to get there in time. I was joined by fellow Pennwriters, Cathy Vignolini and Doris Dumrauf.

It was nice having company all day. My friend and another fellow Pennwriter, Susan (West of Mars) was signing books and stopped by to visit. She a promotional wizard.

The Christmas in September thing started kicking in when I bought five dollars worth of tickets on the raffle basket. My intention was to support the Bookfest. But I admit, I lusted after the AlphaSmart Neo that was included. I used to have an AlphaSmart—the older version—but sold it when I bought my laptop. Since then, I have frequently wished I still had it.

When time came to draw the winner, I jumped out into the sidewalk and shouted to Val Brkich, Bookfest organizer and, yes, another fellow Pennwriter, “Pick me! Pick me!” Pretty juvenile, I admit. But when the winning ticket was drawn, guess what? It WAS me.

I’ve since been shouting to the universe, “Publishing contract! Publishing contract!”

Here’s a shot of my winnings. Lots of cool books and the Neo.

On my way home from the Bookfest, I was a very bad girl. I stopped at the camera shop and bought the Nikon.

It’s mine. All mine. Mwahahaha!

I figured I’d better enjoy it fast because when Hubby returned home Sunday evening, I might be homeless.

However, before that happened, I joined a few of my fellow Sisters in Crime at the Mary Roberts Rinehart Nature Park.

Our chapter is named after the grand old dame of mystery writing who once owned property adjacent to the park and possibly including part of the park. So we decided to support our “sister” park by buying and planting a tree there.

Yes, these photos were taken with the new camera. I learned that I have a lot to learn about using it yet. But it was fun.

The best part of the weekend, though, was when Hubby returned home and I told him what I’d done. And he DIDN’T blow a gasket. Didn’t even break a sweat. I had my big speech planned to explain WHY I didn’t wait to buy the thing…and I didn’t need it.

Huh. Go figure.


Becky said…
He didn't blow a gasket doesn't surprise me I'm the only tight wad in this family!
Sara said…
LMAO at you stopping and grabbing that camera!
I totally would've done the same thing. hee!

Dang, nice gift basket. I never win anything. wah!

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