A New Obsession

A person could get whiplash hanging around with me.

On Wednesday’s Working Stiffs’ post, I prattled on about digital vs. film camera and blew raspberries at the digital fanatics out there. As indicated in the piece’s title, those raspberries turned out to be sour grapes.

On Friday, I was being frugal, cancelling my Bouchercon reservations.

I’ve been told money burns a whole in my pocket. It’s a fatal flaw, I confess. You see, I’ve been researching digital SLRs. Cameras. NICE cameras. High quality, high tech cameras.

The problem (or one of them) is that I know a little something about photography and I’ve owned some very nice photographic equipment in my lifetime. I know enough to understand I won’t be happy to “settle.”

My knowledge of digital photography, however, has been limited to my two point-and-shoot “toys.” So in an effort to educate myself, I’ve been online. I learned that I can get an adapter to fit my old lenses onto a new digital Olympus body. Thinking that meant I could purchase a better quality body with the money I’ve allotted to this cause, I limited my research to that one brand.

Then I took my minimal knowledge gleaned from the Internet to the camera store. They didn’t have the model I wanted to see. But, ohhhh, they had a lovely Nikon on display. I asked to see it. Just for the heck of it.

Bad move.

Okay, so maybe I really don’t want to use my old manual focus lenses on a new high tech camera body. Why spend all that money and limit the potential?

Plus the camera sales woman pointed out that the next model up had a few features I would appreciate. And I did. (Damn, she was good). So now instead of one Olympus camera body, I’m enamored of a Nikon with TWO lenses. Cha-CHING.

My Bouchercon savings don’t even come close. But I refuse to go into debt. Actually, Hubby refuses to allow me go into debt. (I should mention here, that it was my dear Hubby, many years ago, when he wasn’t even yet my hubby, who got me hooked on photography in the first place. And he was right by my side today at the camera shop, fondling that Nikon.)

The bottom line: I’m saving my pennies. And dimes and quarters. I’m putting aside every spare dollar. I have a ways to go before I can afford that Nikon. But I refuse to settle and end up disappointed.

Project: Nikon Purchase has been launched.


Anonymous said…
we need to talk. I'm not a total expert on digital SLRs, but I've owned two in the last few years and have taken thousands of photos. I could tell you a bit about what to look for and where you could get a good used one.

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