The Bathroom Remodel: Part Five

No, it isn’t done yet.

Saturday, in the midst of my zucchini fest, Hubby laid tile. All. Day. Long.

It looked great.

In fact, it looked so good that the piece of old bead board paneling that he’d intended to leave there looked awful. It didn’t match. It seemed lost and out of place. An orphaned three foot square piece of wall butted up against some very nice tile.

(You can see a tiny bit of it--the wood--in the lower left corner of the above photograph. The piece of "white" between the wood and the tile just wasn't tiled yet when I snapped this photo)

But I knew Hubby didn’t want to do any more tiling. He was so happy when it was all done. So I decided to keep quiet. Maybe I’d get used to it.

By Sunday morning, I wasn’t getting used to it. In fact, I pictured myself hating it with a passion six months from now. And we had leftover tile and the goop used to glue them to the wall.

Taking a deep breath, I simply stated, “I don’t understand why you didn’t rip out the rest of the bead board while you were at it.”

Five minutes later, Hubby was tearing out the remaining three feet of bead board. Apparently, he’d silently thought the same thing. If it was going to be done, it had to be done NOW.

This means that instead of being THIS CLOSE to being finished with the job, we plunged back into demolition mode. At first, he was just going to tear out the paneling and leave the old dry wall. But what if the tile didn’t adhere to the old stuff? So out came the crowbar and down came the dry wall.

Have I mentioned that I’m allergic to dust?

I vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed some more. Last night, Hubby nailed up a fresh new sheet of cement board. Yet, I’m still sniffling and sneezing. A fine layer of dust coats everything in this house. Do I do a head-to-toe housecleaning now? Or do I suffer until the job is done? Because I will no doubt have to do it over again then.

So the remodel goes on.

And on. And on…


Sara said…
Veeeery nice tile. Very nice! I really like it and I'm very glad you went all the way with it.

As for the dust...hmm...I wiped it up at random during, and then got the rest when we were done. Not sure what to do with all this regular dust though? ;)
Joyce said…
That tile looks a lot like what we have in our downstairs bathroom! You'll be glad you took the extra step and did it the way you want. Otherwise, you'd be doing it next year.
Jeff9 said…
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