Let the Shopping Begin

If you mention “Back to School Sales” to most kids, you get to watch them turn green and sickly before your eyes. I remember those days. The darned sales started two days after the last day of school. I knew it must be a sinister adult plot to wrest all the joy from summer vacation.


If you mention “Back to School Sales” to most writers, you’d better stand back because we will run you over to buy a crate of notebooks at ten cents each even though we have a closet full of blank notebooks at home already.

Tis the season. The Back to School Sales are upon us. Today I purchased 20 of those notebooks, although I didn’t want to drive ten more miles to get to the store that had them at ten cents each, so I paid 15 cents. I will store them for the next time we plan a Pennwriters workshop.

I’m also planning a trip to Staples this weekend to take advantage of their one-cent sale. Truthfully, the GOOD stuff is a DOLLAR, but still…

And I have coupons.

If I play my cards…errr…coupons…right, I might not have to restock supplies until NEXT year’s Back to School Sale.

So you’ve been warned. Take inventory. Make your list. Check it twice. And I’ll see you at Staples.


Sara said…
LOL. A kid in a candy shop!
There IS something irresistable about fresh notebooks and new pens and pencils, though.

Back to school I dread in every way however.

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