A Lazy Saturday?

Today is NOT what you might term a “lazy Saturday.” Hubby is in high gear tiling the bathroom. And I spent the day trying to keep out of his way by dealing with the zucchini population explosion around here.

How do these monsters manage to hide? I look every single day and still, one or two duck under a leaf and reemerge, like Superman from a phone booth, baseball bat size. Here are a sampling of what has slipped past me. The one on the far right is a normal-sized one, so you can compare.

I only used the two biggest ones today. I had plans to do more, but I discovered I was low on some ingredients, so one batch of zucchini bread was all I accomplished. Plus zucchini fritters (zu-critters?) for lunch. And several Ziploc baggies of shredded zucchini in the freezer for future baking projects.

Here are the fruits of my labor.

Pretty, aren’t they?

As for the bathroom…

To be continued…


Sara said…
Very nice. High Five for all that shreddin'!

Dying to see bathroom pics. :)

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