Thoroughbred Groupie

One of my big regrets about my racetrack veterinarian mystery series not finding a publisher is the fact that I no longer have an “excuse” to hang out at Mountaineer. As in “I need to do some research for the book. Gotta go to the track.” Well, tomorrow, I’m going to the races, not for research (although we writers never really know what will spark a future story), but to see Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes winner Mine That Bird run in the West Virginia Derby.

There have been rumors simmering for months. I had my doubts. Mine That Bird? At Mountaineer? Forty-five minutes from my house? Yeah, right.

But it’s TRUE. Don’t believe me? Click here and scroll down to the eighth race.

My friend, trainer Jessi Pizzurro wrote an article about getting to see the champion racehorse and talk to his trainer. Very cool.

Back in the late seventies, early eighties, I worked at Lowry’s Western Shop, which was frequented by the Steelers. The ORIGINAL Superbowl Steelers. The Steel Curtain Steelers. Just a couple of months ago, I stood next to Mel Blount in the line at Panera Bread. Being in close proximity to major sports figures isn’t exactly new. However, I admit to being star-struck at the idea of seeing this horse race.

Just call me a Thoroughbred groupie.


Sara said…
I just thought of something: Am I going to get all choked up and cry like I do when I'm watching it on TV??
Annette said…
It's entirely possible, Sara.

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