No Complaints

I admit that I tend to spend half of the year complaining about being too cold and the other half complaining about being too hot. There’s just no pleasing me.

However, this summer, I haven’t been the one complaining. Leastways, not about the heat. There hasn’t been much of it. We had what we thought was a taste of summer back in April. Instead, it seems that WAS summer. It lasted a week and we’ve been dealing with autumn ever since.

We’ve had temperatures in the seventies and rarely in the low eighties. Low humidity. We had a long dry spell and now we’re dealing with rain and dreary skies. But we NEEDED the rain. My garden REALLY needed it.

Basically, I’m loving the weather. I’ve been able to sleep. We haven’t had to run the air conditioning much, which is nice for the electric bills.

Plus I’m at “that age” where I carry my own internal heat source around with me. I don’t really need 80 or 90 degree days to build up a healthy sweat.

So here I sit, on a dog day morning in July, feeling a cool breeze wafting through my office window, listening to the serenaded of a mockingbird and the gentle moo of the neighbor’s cows instead of sweltering and listening to the rumble of the air conditioner.

Nope. No complaints about the weather. For now.


Sara said…
I don't know about you but I'm already gettin that hankering for Fall.
Waaay too early for that!

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