The Bathroom Remodel: Part Six

Subtitle: Along came a spider…

If you are sick to death of this bathroom remodel series, you can imagine how thrilled I am to be living it.

At last report, we’d decided to expand the tiling all the way to the door. That required ripping out the remainder of the bead board paneling.

Which created a mess.

Next, more tile work.
Next came grouting. Hubby applied, I wiped. That was last week and my body has yet to recover. But it looks kind of nice.

Right now, we’re at the sealing phase. The second coat has just been applied. I think we’re getting very close.

Which is good. I haven’t been able to use my tub for a week and a half. Thankfully, my mom lives a couple doors away. We’ve been using her basement shower. I haven’t minded walking over there with my duffle bag of clothes every day. But last night, as I closed the shower curtain and adjusted the water temperature, a leggy creepy-crawly spider skittered up the wall.

I knew they were there. It’s a basement after all. But I’ve been trying to ignore the lacy webs in the corners. I’ve tried to tell myself that ordinarily, no one uses this old shower, so we’re invading THEIR space.

Now that I’ve come face to face with one of the shower’s residents, I’m all the more ready to return to my own bathtub.


Of course, there are a few more things to be done. Like trim.

Someone (who shall remain nameless) didn’t think things through and failed to match the old wallboard with the new, leaving a gap. So we need to apply trim.

We also need a new faucet.

And a new toilet.

Hubby has been taking the tank off and on to do the tile work. The ancient toilet tank no longer holds water. Thank goodness we have a new one in the basement waiting to be installed.

But for now, the spiders and I are hoping the sealer dries quickly!


Sara said…
lol! Why do you need a new faucet? hee!
The tile looks really great. I really like it.

We have those some Shower Spiders downstairs. My problem is, after the initial startle, I feel like I have to make sure they all escape to safety or I feel horribly guilty.
Joyce Tremel said…
Not me, Sara. I wash them down the drain. I have a feeling that one of these days my life is going to turn into a Night Gallery episode.
Becky said…
I hate them too but I also hate those million legged centipede things.

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