Officially Off the Hook

Nowhere is it written that as 2009 Pennwriters conference coordinator, I am responsible for making sure there is a 2011 Pennwriters conference coordinator. They can’t make me do it again if I don’t find someone else to fill the position.

Yet, I am thrilled to announce that Pennwriters does indeed have a 2011 conference coordinator who is NOT me. The job has been accepted by a fellow local writer who is more than capable of completing the task: Meredith Cohen.

I joined Meredith last week for lunch at the Marriott with Michelle, who is charge of the hotel’s end of things. The dates have been set. All is in order.

And I am free!

Of course, I already was, but now it’s official.

I am taking on a new role in the Pennwriters conference planning world. I am now “Conference Yoda.” I created the title myself. Basically, I intend to sit in my cave in my swamp and offer suggestions and advice and answer questions.

Meredith likes the idea. As long as I don’t start talking like Yoda. I think I can handle that. At least until the next time I watch one of the Star Wars movies.


Joyce said…
Nothing like Yoda you look.

One line that might come in handy is "Do or do not. There is no try."
Annette said…
Yep, that's an excellent line, Joyce. And thanks for pointing out the lack of a physical resemblence. ;-)

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