Editing, editing, and more editing

Remember that 9,000 word short story that I had to whittle down to 4,000 words? If not (and if you even care), click here for a reminder.

Well, it’s still in the running. Three weeks ago, I received a letter of requested revisions from the anthology’s editor. Of course, three weeks ago, I was on a roll with my novel, so I put off the revisions for a little while.

Granted, I had that letter and the comments bouncing around inside my head. Finally, I sat down during our vacation to give the story a serious once over. Some of the changes were easy. A few took more thought.

This is my first REAL editing letter. I’ve made tons of revisions to projects based on critique group comments. With those, I always have the option of vetoing the other person’s opinion if it doesn’t mesh with my own. But I’ve always said if someone who is in the business of helping me make money on my work wants something changed, dagnabbit, I will change it. Jump? How high?


There’s also the little matter of making the changes sound like they still came from me. If you’re going to stick putty in a crack, it better match.

Sorry. We still have that bathroom remodeling thing going on around here.

Anyhow, I think I’ve got it licked. The edits are due next Friday, but I never let these things go until the last minute. So I’ll give my revised story a few days to rest before I take another look at it. If it still sounds good, off it will go.

While I have a long way to go to reach THIS point, here’s a little ditty about these editing letters. Enjoy!


Kristine said…
Good luck, Annette! It sounds like you've got a plan and it's the right one.

And that video is hilarious! LOVE it!

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