The Bathroom Remodel: Part Seven

The Changing of the Toilet

The old one must have sensed something was up, because in recent weeks, it’s been dying a slow death.

For a while now, when we flushed, we had to hold the handle down. Next, the tank stopped holding water, so we had to turn the water off at the valve. So the flushing procedure became: Turn on valve and wait for tank to fill. Flush and hold the knob until the bowl emptied. Turn the valve off again.

And three days ago, one of the hinges on the lid broke.

Think we need a new toilet???

As it happens, we’ve HAD a new one in a box in the basement for months. We just had to finish the tiling first. I’m happy to report, the tile is done. Grouted, sealed, done. I took my first bath in our newly tiled bathroom on Thursday. More on that in a moment.

So the new toilet is going in. It’s not completely installed (Hubby is off to buy parts because the old ones don’t fit). But here it is IN PROGRESS.

And here, lying dead and dismembered on our front porch is the OLD toilet. Rest in pieces.

Now, as for the bath. Yes, we’re using it. However, we don’t have the new faucets installed yet. What we do have is this:

The old hot and cold spigots and a pipe in the wall. You’d better have the right amount of water drawn before you get in, because if you run more water once you’re sitting in the tub, instead of splashing your toes, it smacks you in your belly.

Besides, those spigots creep me out. They look like the money we could have saved with Geico.


Sara said…
LOL! Watching you take a bath no less!

Wasn't so long ago I had an old busted up toilet on my porch....ah, those were the days. NOT!

Bathroom's lookin' good.

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