The Return of Pitt Girl?

Is it true? Or is this another cruel rumor meant to tease me and then break my heart?

Is Pitt Girl returning?

I can only cross my fingers and hope.

Any time something newsworthy (especially if it ranked as extremely stupid) happened in Pittsburgh, my first reaction would be: what’s Pitt Girl going to say about this? And she never disappointed.

Until she closed up the Burgh Blog.

But after nearly a year, it’s back. Right now there’s only a promise of something big coming and her archives. PLEASE let the “something big” be her return. With the G-20 Summit coming up, we’re going to need her perspective on the insanity taking place in our city.

Come back, Pitt Girl!


Joyce said…
Kristine said…
Oh, I really hope she comes back. I LOVED her blog and was so upset when she left. YAY!
Joyce said…
August 19th is the official date.


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