Vacation Afterglow

We’re home again after five luscious days of no appointments, no schedule, and no demands on my time. Yes, we were at the camp.

It’s not entirely true that I had no appointments. I had one. Our local Sisters in Crime chapter is planning a writer’s retreat and I had made an appointment to meet with the owner of a local bed and breakfast. But it didn’t feel like an appointment since it was scheduled for Friday late morning, early afternoon. None of that 10:40AM stuff and then sit in the waiting room for two hours. Plus I rode my bicycle there. Now THAT is my kind of appointment.

The rest of the time I either read or wrote or rode my bike on the trails or around town. I whipped out two chapters. Plus, while biking the lush green wooded trails, I plotted almost the entire rest of my book. Nothing like being productive AND lazing around at the same time.

Skye returned to her party cat ways and played and romped and bounced on the bed (specifically MY PILLOW) all night long. But losing sleep to a wacky cat isn’t so bad when you can stay in bed until 8 or 9AM.

Blackberry vines grow on the fence behind our camper, so I went out each morning to pick a handful for my cereal. There were lots I missed thanks to a bumper crop of poison ivy mingling with the berry vines. A bout of itchy rash is not how I wanted to spend my vacation. Nope. A handful of berries was plenty.

And apparently I now LOOK like a local. Twice, I was stopped and asked directions to various attractions around town.

Today, I must get back in the swing of “normal.” There are groceries to buy (must drive the car…too far to bike and not enough “trunk space” besides.)

As for Skye… She’s wiped out and has been sleeping for about 14 hours straight (getting up only to eat). Being a party animal is hard work.


Sara said…
You mean you aren't romping and bouncing on the bed while Skye tries to sleep?

I'd have to say I wouldn't be too mad with her either. There is something irresistable about a cat having that much fun.
Annette said…
No romping or bouncing, but I have been known to sneak up on her when she's sleeping and pet her belly. She gives me a dirty look and I just remind her about payback.

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