The Cave, the Cat, and the Laptop

I know I’ve mentioned it here before, so it may not be news to you that I get homesick. Before I go somewhere. It’s an odd little bit of insanity. I will plan and eagerly await a trip away from home, only to develop a dread of the whole ordeal in the days leading up to departure.

So far, it hasn’t driven me to cancel any plans, but I always consider it. Basically, I’m a hermit. I’m happy to sit in my cave with my cat and let the world do its own thing without me.

Speaking of the cat, I’ve come to realize that I don’t suffer this premature homesickness when we’re heading for our camp in Confluence. Is it because Skye the Camping Kitty comes with us? Maybe I just miss my cat. Or is it because the camp in Confluence has become a second home? My second cave. I have to believe it’s a little of both.

This weekend, I’m attending a yoga retreat. Two nights away with no cat. No husband either. They’ll both be snuggled in at home. I’ll be off on my own.

It’s a YOGA RETREAT for goodness sake! Good food. Relaxation. Being TAUGHT yoga instead of being the teacher. I should be ecstatic. Instead, I’m already missing my kitty and my cave and I haven’t even left yet.

Now I have a new internal debate going on. Over on my Facebook page, my friends are placing their votes. Do I take my laptop with me or do I leave it at home? In my cave. With my cat and my husband.

The venue for the retreat has free wi-fi.

My laptop’s wallpaper is an adorable photo of Skye.

I know. I could print it out as a picture and stick it in a frame in my suitcase.

So my dilemma rages. At the moment, my Facebook friends are overwhelmingly AGAINST taking the laptop. In my heart, I’m leaning TOWARD taking it.

Stay tuned…


Joyce said…
I vote to take the laptop. It doesn't mean you have to use it, but it's there if you need it. I don't go anywhere without mine!
Annette said…
That's my reasoning, too. It's going.
Anonymous said…
What Joyce said.

Paula Matter
Annette said…
I'm home. I did take the computer, but couldn't get online. Was too mentally wiped out to write. Ah, well...
Sara said…
I love that picture of Skye!

I've been (enjoying being) offline myself for a while and missed the vote! I would've said screw it, leave it home. :) lol

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