The Bathroom Remodel: Phase One-Complete

At last.

I think it looks great. And everything works. VERY important.

This week, Hubby finished the trim work. Yesterday, I washed my lace swag curtain and hung it over the new blinds.

Yes, I’m happy.

At least until we start the next project, which might just make this one seem like child’s play. We’re going to rip up all the carpeting and put down wood floors in the entire house.

I don’t want to think about it. Right now I’m just enjoying my sparkling new bathroom.


Joyce said…
It's beautiful!

Get the pre-finished wood flooring and it won't be so bad.
Annette said…
Joyce, that's what we're getting. We had a fabulous "field trip" to Freight Liquidators and know exactly what we want. Until we go back to buy it and I fall in love with something else...

The worst part of installation will be moving several pieces of furniture that weigh 3 or 4 tons. Like my computer desk. I'll no doubt have to unhook and move all my electronic stuff. Argh. I'm breaking out in hives just thinking of it.
Sara said…
It looks grrrrrrreat! Way to go Hubby!

oooohh! Floors are exciting!

Except for the moving stuff part. I lived with boxes of crap in my bedroom for 6 months after the floors were already done. I have faith you'll handle it a little better than that!

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