Over the Falls

We spent the weekend at our camp in Confluence, but it wasn’t a vacation. Saturday was the annual Over the Falls Festival at Ohiopyle and I was “on assignment” to cover it for that potential article I mentioned last week.

I love this job.

We took a ton of pictures. Really. Tons. Okay a couple hundred. At least.

Here are two. This one shows how it’s supposed to be done. Pretty cool. In an insane kind of way.

And this one shows how it’s NOT supposed to be done. Yes, that kayak is upside down. And, yes, there is a person hanging on, under it. Not the way you’d want to go over an 18 foot waterfall.

And, yes, he survived.


Sara said…
ha! good action shots!

I don't think I'd like to try it.
Annette said…
Yeah, me either. I actually had an invitation from a guy I was interviewing who had a 2-seater longboat to hop in the front and he'd take me over the falls. (And, no, he wasn't flirting...Hubby was standing right there) I'm not sure how serious he was, but I was VERY serious in my polite "thanks, but NO thanks."

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