A Working Writer

Lest you think all I’ve been doing lately is vacationing and attending relaxing yoga retreats, I’ll have you know I’m currently juggling three writing “jobs.”

First, there’s the novel. I’ve been moving steadily forward on it and am about to move into the third act. Rolling toward those two little words: THE END. But first, I’ve been taking an online course given by a retired cop who is willing and able to answer any and all questions. So I’ve been learning that I need to rewrite a bunch of stuff. Like most of the police scenes. That’s almost half of the book. But some of the revisions only require a line or two. Some involve pages and pages. Thankfully, none of it affects the bones of the story. So I’m tinkering.

Second, there’s the short story. Yes, THAT short story. I’ve received a second (and I’ve been told LAST) editing letter. More minor changes that I can already see strengthen the story. I think I love my editor.

And third, today I received the go-ahead on one of the articles I’ve been pitching to Pennsylvania Magazine. Granted, I still have to write the story and have it approved for publication, but it’s an assignment. What’s the story about? Click here.

THIS is the kind of week I dream about.


Sara said…
The good kind of busy!
Annette said…
You betcha!

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