Ain't Nothing Ever Easy

Ain’t nothing ever easy around here.

It was my plan to be shouting from the rooftops today that my mom was home. Good Friday was going to be VERY Good Friday.

Well, she is home. But as I said, ain’t nothing ever that easy.

I got her in the house and sat her down at the table to rest after the trip home. After a while, she decided to take a walk through her house. Understandable, since she’d been away for six weeks. But when she got into the bathroom, I sensed something wasn’t quite right. She got her feet splayed out and said she was stuck. I helped her sit on a stool that she keeps in there, but within a few minutes, she was listing. I’ve seen her do this before and caught her as she passed out, easing her down onto the floor, cushioning her head with my legs so it wouldn’t hit the bathtub. She was somewhat responsive to verbal stimuli, so I wasn’t completely freaked. But as I sat there, I pondered the possibilities. Calling an ambulance was high on my list, since no one else was around. But having just come home from the Health Center, going right back to the hospital lacked some appeal. Finally (it was probably only a couple minutes, although it felt longer), Mom started coming around. Then the question became, how to get her up from the floor. It’s a good thing she’s so tiny and I work out. I was able to lift her without doing any torquing of that hip.

After a glass of orange juice and a brief rest in her recliner with her feet up, she said was feeling all right. Of course, when she was sliding off the stool in the bathroom and I’d asked her what was going on, she’d said she was all right, too. I’m learning to judge the validity of that statement by the manner in which it’s spoken rather than the content of the words.

A half hour after the fainting spell, Mom was eating lunch at the kitchen table, her face no longer that ghastly gray. And as soon as she was done eating, she insisted I go home. She promised that she was going to spend the afternoon reading and napping.

I will be taking her supper over to her later this afternoon. And I’ll check on her before bedtime. I’m desperately hoping that this incident was just a result of the stress of coming home combined with a bit of a head cold and low blood sugar.

I’m also hoping this isn’t becoming a Good Friday tradition. Last year on Good Friday, Mom passed out on me at the Wal-Mart. Remember this? That time she ended up spending Easter in the hospital only to find nothing wrong.

Never a dull moment. And definitely ain’t nothing ever easy.


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