Vacation or bust

My mom is holding her own at home. No more fainting spells. She just feels weak and tired and having a nasty head cold doesn’t help.

I’m not sure if it was more an act of optimism or an act of desperation, but I started thinking seriously about a vacation this weekend. I’ve been whining that I’ve needed one for months now. It just didn’t appear to be in the cards. AGAIN. But then hubby reminded me that we have a week off in May and asked me what we were going to do with it. The brain shifted into dream mode. IF I could get away, where would I go? Tahiti comes to mind, but it’s really more fun to fantasize about things that might actually come to fruition.

I thought, of course, about Presque Isle in Erie. I love Presque Isle, but in early May the weather could be questionable. I want to go south in the spring. North is for the summer when it’s a sauna around here.

So I thought about Gettysburg. But that isn’t much further south than we already are. East, yes. South, not so much.

Next, Deep Creek, Maryland popped into my brain. But there just isn’t that much there for me.

My brain traveled further south. It arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia. And the bells and whistles started going off. It’s been close to ten years since we last ventured to Colonial Williamsburg. Both hubby and I love it there. I mentioned it to him to get his response. He grunted. I wasn’t sure if that meant, “Are you insane?” “We can’t afford that,” “Dream on,” or all of the above.

I went online and began to browse Colonial Williamsburg’s website. I checked on ticket prices and hotels. And I found a package deal I couldn’t resist. I shared my findings with hubby. He said, “Let’s go.”

So the vacation is booked. A real vacation. Not one that involves camping or workshops. Just a kick back and relax and go-out-to-eat vacation.

Now I just have to find someone to keep an eye on Mom and Skye. And pray that nothing medically “exciting” happens between now and then.


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