Getting to Know Zoe

I’m enjoying a quiet day for a change. Mom is settled in and getting over her cold. No more dizzy spells. The visiting nurse determined that her blood pressure was a bit low, so an adjustment in medication may be in order.

Spring is toying with me. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the temperatures are mild. Mother Nature is offering a taste of things to come. (I’ve seen the forecast—it’s only a taste).

And I’ve had the entire morning to work on the new book. Not that you can tell. Basically, I’ve scrapped everything I’ve written so far. All six pages of it. Instead of jumping in and rewriting it, I’m taking some time to get to know my protagonist. At some point in the last few days, I’ve come to realize that I knew more about the other characters than I knew about Zoe. So I broke out the character profile questions and my notebook and allowed her to introduce herself to me. It’s kind of a pretend version of sitting down over coffee with a new acquaintance. I learned a lot.

Next, I want to do the same thing with my male lead character. And then to a lesser degree with the secondary characters. By then, maybe that troublesome opening will flow a little easier.

I’m also reporting on Monday night’s Citizens’ Police Academy over at Working Stiffs today. Check it out here.


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