Murder Melts in Your Mouth

After a treacherous Saturday of tiptoeing around on snow and ice yet AGAIN, yesterday, the sun came out just in time for the launch party of Nancy Martin’s latest Blackbird Sisters mystery, Murder Melts in Your Mouth.

It was a wonderfully fun afternoon with trays of chocolate and a chocolate fountain with all sorts of goodies to dip into it. And of course, there were Sisters in Crime and Pennwriters everywhere, so it was primetime for schmoozing AKA networking. Shelley Cooper, Lisa Curry, Tory Butterworth, Mike Crawmer, Tim Esaias, Kathy Miller Haines, Lila Shaara, Martha Reed, Joyce Tremel (with hubby, Jerry, in tow), Gina Sestak, and probably a few others who my sleep-deprived brain can’t recall at the moment (Daylight Saving Time/lost an hour of sleep) all wandered the shelves at Mystery Lovers Bookshop, stocking up on summer reading material. In case summer ever comes.

Nancy’s entire line of books were on display looking like a pastel rainbow…quite appropriate for Easter gifts for any mystery fan.

If you have yet to sample the Blackbird sisters, all I can say is what are you waiting for??? These are fun books full of smart, witty writing, interesting characters, and a murder or two to be solved. Treat yourself. Start with How To Murder a Millionaire and cruise through the rest. Murder Melts is the seventh in the series.

And for those of you who HAVE kept up on Nora, Libby, and Emma, here’s a hint. The parents are back!

I haven’t started my copy yet. I finished Lisa Scottoline’s Lady Killer during Saturday’s blizzard, so this one’s up next on the to-be-read pile.


Judith Evans Thomas said…
Thanks for the update Annette. The party looked delicious and I'm sorry I was out of town.
Annette said…
Hey, Judith! Thanks for taking the time to drop in during your jetsetting travels! It was definitely your kind of party. Lots of fun and chocolate.

Are you EVER coming back to Pennsylvania?

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