Excuses, excuses

I stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time in quite a while. The number that stared up at me was a number I had never seen on my scale before. I knew it was going to be bad, but I never expected THAT.

If you think I’m going to fess up to what that number was, you have a stranger sense of humor than I do.

I blame part of it on the fact that I’m trying to put some meat on my mom’s bony frame, but it’s me that’s gaining the weight. The other part of the problem is that I’ve been eating too much and exercising too little. Big surprise.

I do have an easy (albeit painful) solution to some of the excess poundage. I am scheduled for yet another gum graft surgery in a couple of weeks. As a result, I will be on an involuntary fast for a week or two. I think I dropped seven pounds in two weeks last year during the recovery. If there is anything good about gum graft surgery, it’s that it does double as an effective weight-loss program.

However, seven pounds isn’t going to put me in the place I want to be for baring skin this summer, so extra measures must be taken.

Yesterday, after the scale incident, I planned my meals for the week. Cut back on the potatoes and sugar. More steamed veggies. For supper last night I only cooked one potato and gave the whole thing to hubby. I was fine. Except for the pangs of hunger pre-bedtime. I munched on some nuts figuring that, while they were fat, they were also protein and were better than chips.

This morning, I intended to workout with the kickboxing tape for 30 minutes. At least, that was my intention as of last night. This morning, I had way too many emails in my inbox and I felt like I needed two more hours of sleep and I might be catching a cold…

Yes, you’ve got it. The only muscles I exercised this morning were my excuse-making muscles.

There is a chance I could do 30 minutes on the hiking trail on my way to feed my nephew and niece’s cats this evening, prior to Citizens’ Police Academy. The temperature looks right. But it’s supposed to rain and I’m going to be really pressed for time already.

My excuse-making muscle works just fine, as you can see.

I do, however, intend on working on the new novel for a few hours this morning. And no excuses allowed.


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