Coming Out of the Dark

I vaguely remember thinking last autumn how wonderful the solitude of winter would be. Life would slow down. I’d be snowed in with nothing to do but write.

Well, that fantasy has long since evaporated. I spent the snowiest days shoveling the driveway so I could get out to visit Mom at the Health Center. Hubby’s car remains patched with duct tape after his encounter with a patch of ice and a fence post. My car lost an eye this winter. No, not an “eye.” An “i.” My Saturn Ion is now a Saturn On.

But there are lots of reasons why I’m looking forward to spring. Here are a few:

I’m sick of wearing the same old sweaters and sweatshirts day in and day out. I am sooo ready for a wardrobe change. Even if I don’t buy anything new, I haven’t seen my summer duds in months so they will SEEM new.

I’m sick of black and white and gray and brown. That’s all I see out my window. I’m ready for some color. My daffodils have poked their noses above the leaf mulch. The lilac bush’s buds are swelling. But so far, only the same drab colors blanket the landscape. Even the sky rarely produces anything except lead-gray clouds. Having said that, the pre-dawn sky outside my window this morning looks like it MIGHT brighten into blue once the sun comes up.

At least we’re beginning to come out of the dark. With the early advent of Daylight Saving Time…something I have mixed feelings about, by the way…the evenings stay light longer. And thus, my mixed feelings. As a morning person, the long, dark AM hours bug me. But I guess I’ll take daylight wherever I can find it.

Warm breezes. I love warm breezes. OK, I’m not crazy about the steamy, sultry sauna of summer, but springs warm breezes delight my soul. After the teeth-chattering, bitter cold of winter, a gentle southerly breeze is about as good as it gets.

Of course, I’m still waiting for life to slow down. Unfortunately, spring doesn’t appear to be the time for that to happen. Mom has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and then (crossing fingers) home by the end of this week. Citizens’ Police Academy continues. The Pennwriters Firearms 101 for Writers Workshop that I’m helping to plan is coming up in a couple more weeks. Then there will be the Festival of Mystery and the Pennwriters Conference. And that’s just brushing the surface of what my schedule looks like in the coming months.

So Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone. And feel free to comment on why you’re looking forward to spring, too.


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