Friday Ramblings

This is the kind of day when I’d love to just stay indoors and read. Three inches of snow fell overnight only to be compacted into about an inch of snow with a coating of ice on it as the white flakes turned into freezing rain this morning.

Of course, I CAN’T just stay indoors and read. I have errands to run. Nothing that couldn’t be delayed, but since the roads are clear, I might as well do it. Hubby shoveled half the driveway this morning before he left for work. I have since shoveled the rest of it and excavated my car, so I’m ready.

Coffee break, first, however.

The basement is way too quiet without BooBoo yapping at me down there. He and Skye always communicated by way of the furnace ductwork. I notice Skye sitting by the heat vent in the bathroom, staring at it, wondering why he isn’t returning her calls. He would have loved this weather. Boo was a snow leopard at heart and loved to roll around in it, making kitty snow angels.

I take a deep breath and plow ahead.

My application to the Pittsburgh Citizen’s Police Academy has been accepted. It begins Monday night. To say I’m excited is an understatement. The new novel is about to explode out of my brain and it will be nice to know a little about which I write. The veterinary stuff for the last two (which sit twiddling their thumbs in New York waiting for a home) was fun and easy to research. I know several vets. I’ve given shots and done the post-diagnosis treatment for all my horses and cats. Hanging out at the racetrack was a blast. I admit, changing gears and writing something completely different has had me scared out of my wits. I want to get it right. This Citizen’s Police Academy is my chance to delve into this strange, new world.

But first, I must focus on my other life as a yoga instructor. I’m teaching an afternoon of Restorative Yoga on Sunday. Response has been terrific. I love Restorative Yoga. Both teaching it and DOING it. The word “decadent” comes to mind. Chocolate truffles disguised as yoga.

My coffee cup is empty, so I’d better head for town. If you’re someplace warm, send some of it this way. If, like me, you’re dealing with snow, watch out for the icy patches. Enjoy your weekend!


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