Sleepless in Pennsylvania

Yes, I was wrong. There. I said it. I’ve been telling everyone for the last month that the Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl. Not that I WANTED them to. Frankly, I had no preference which team won. The Steelers were home licking their wounds, so I had no one to cheer for. But I did watch the game. Hey, with the writer’s strike going on, I’m desperate for anything that isn’t a rerun or a reality show.

Somewhere in the midst of the first half, I pondered just how crappy it would be for the Patriots to win every single game all season and then LOSE the Super Bowl.
I also wondered if they had hired some of our Steelers’ offensive linemen. Their pass rush stunk and Tom Brady wasn’t dodging the onslaught as well as Benny does.

And in the end, Peyton’s baby brother followed in his brother’s footsteps to lead his team to victory in the big game. THAT was kind of cool.
When do you think we’re likely to see that happen again?

I know. Who really cares? Truthfully, right now, not me. I’m sleep deprived. The only reason I stayed up to catch the end of the game was HOUSE, which came on with a new episode immediately following the game. It was midnight by the time I finally tumbled into bed.

Only to have the stupid alarm clock go off at 4:30AM.

Yes, I might be a little to blame. I turned it on last night without checking to see what time it was set for. Hubby had gotten up early last weekend to go ice fishing with one of his buddies and I never reset it. That was bad enough, but when I changed it at 4:30 this morning, it wouldn’t accept the change. Instead, just as I drifted off to sleep, the snooze alarm kicked in. Twice. THEN Skye decided to get up and start rattling the closet door. She knows this works better than any alarm clock when it comes to getting my attention. Mainly because, while she’s cute, Skye does not have an off button. So I got up at 4:45AM. My usual seven to eight hours of shut-eye was cut to four and a half hours.

And of course, I see no opportunity for anything resembling a nap in my schedule today. I imagine Eli Manning got even less sleep last night. As in none. But he’s riding an adrenalin high that ought to carry him well through the day. Me? I’ll be slogging along on caffeine.

Congratulations to all those New York Giants fans out there.


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