Square Two

Mom came through yesterday’s five hour long surgery like a trooper. She’s getting all too used to these things.

Dr. Ray replaced the entire hip socket again. The plastic liner he placed in it last time pulled out, causing the dislocation. So he’s trying something new. While he isn’t guaranteeing anything, he seems more confident that this might give Mom a viable hip…for more than three months.

We’re back to square one in the recovery process. Or maybe square two. The part of the prosthesis that goes into the thigh bone didn’t have to be altered. But the new socket means she’s back to keeping all of her weight off that leg. Looks like she’ll be headed to the Health Center again for a few weeks once she’s discharged from the hospital, too.

What she does NOT have to go through again is physical therapy. Dr. Ray says no more PT. Just walking.


Nancy said…
Oh, dear, Annette, I'm thinking of you!
Annette said…
Thanks, Nancy.

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