Life Comes at You Fast

I was merrily going along, enjoying my life, juggling a number of writing projects, when WHAM! Okay, it wasn’t a “wham.” It was the ringing of my phone. And my mom on the other end announcing that she thought she’d dislocated her hip.

Mom was right.

She didn’t fall, wasn’t doing anything she shouldn’t have. She was doing her exercises. Dr. Ray said he could try to get it back in and see what happens. But we all agreed. We’ve SEEN what happens. So, tomorrow, Mom goes back under the knife for her third hip revision surgery in six months.

We’re hoping that third time’s a charm. Of course, we were hoping the first and second times were the charm, too.

Apparently the powers that be did not share my plan of staying out of hospitals in 2008.

On a lighter note, today is my day to blog over at Working Stiffs and we’re looking for signs of spring.


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